About Do It Solar

Crafting Comprehensive Power Solutions for a Brighter Tomorrow.

Who we are

Commitment is at our core. We’re not just technicians; we’re partners dedicated to ensuring every job leaves you satisfied, whether it’s solar, electricity, or security systems.

Your unique energy needs are our priority. We aim to build lasting relationships based on trust and tailor-made solutions.

We promise consistent, clean energy solutions, ensuring an unbroken trust with our valued clients.

Operating with transparency and responsibility, our work ethos is built on honesty, integrity, and unmatched ethical standards.

We’re passionate about forging a sustainable future, advocating for green energy and combating climate change.

From VSAT to Digital Signage, our vast experience ensures we cater to a broad spectrum of your requirements.

Lighting the Path to a Sustainable Tomorrow

At Do It Solar our vision to lead the way in reliable and honest power solutions, championing the shift towards a sustainable, clean energy future that exceeds your expectations.

Guided by our vision, our mission is multi-faceted

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Quality Over Quantity

We are committed to offering high-grade power solutions, with a keen emphasis on harnessing renewable energy.

Building Trust

Our strength lies in forging robust partnerships and collaborations, valuing each customer as a part of the Do It Solar family.

Excellence in Operations

From conceptual design to meticulous installation and aftercare maintenance, we uphold the highest standards of operational excellence and sustainability.

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Advocacy for Renewables

We champion the cause of renewable energy, endorsing its viability and cost-effectiveness as compared to traditional energy modalities.

Empowering Independence

We believe in nurturing energy independence, enabling our clientele to take charge of their power needs.

Education & Awareness

The future shines brighter with informed choices. We strive to edify our community about renewable energy’s manifold benefits and its affirmative environmental footprint.


Our endeavors are steered towards minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, combating climate change, and fostering the universal adoption of clean, renewable energy.

Innovation in Solar

Staying ahead of the curve, we incessantly innovate, researching, and evolving our solar energy solutions to cater to our clients’ dynamic needs.

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